Google Adding Print Purchasing to AdWords Interface

To improve their sales numbers for print media, Google is adding a Print Tab to AdWords accounts. Scheduled for an extended beta beginning Monday April 30th (the first 100 potential advertisers had access late last year), the intent is to provide access and possibly spark more interest in this product that has been slow catching on.

Google Print Ads is a new way to buy newspaper advertising, bringing innovation to the entire process: planning, buying, billing, reporting, and pricing. You use an AdWords-style interface to find newspapers. Then you extend bids to newspapers for the insertions you want. About 75 top U.S. daily newspapers are in the system now, including papers like the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and LA Times. In the next month Google will more than double the number of papers offered. You can specify insertion date, section, and ad size.

“The ads are just like traditional newspaper ads, but much easier to buy,” Google explains.

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