Yahoo Is Better: Or That’s What They Are Branding

Following their push to build niched portals, Yahoo announced the start of a new campaign: “Be A Better …”

I like this, mainly because it will constantly group Yahoo and Better, going beyond being a better Fanatic (sports fans), Guru (knowledge from Yahoo Answers), Fashionista, Shutterbug, Traveler and Best Friend…. it constantly reinforces Yahoo with Better… hey if conventional weapons are not working go for subliminal advertising.

The scrolling words that roll like a slot machine suggest other categories to come… or maybe Jetsetter, TailGater and Explorer have positive thoughts and were used for effect…..

Either way I think Yahoo’s best chance to make inroads into the Google search numbers are from creating large scalable communities and have the loyalty move to them.

For more about the new branding campaign check the site out. They have cool commericals.

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