Ebay: Now Portable

TechCrunch reports on eBay’s new widgets that let any seller take their listing “to go” and plant it on a blog or website.

The widgets are mostly flash based and have animation that you can’t find on eBay’s own network. This could represent an effort to test new flash based functionality before the company integrates it throughout its own network. This seems unlikely however, given the very conservative interface evolution path eBay has taken over the past nearly 15 years.

This is also uncharacteristic move of eBay in that it’s a usually a closed system that is relatively averse to distribution through new channels and formats. But this seems like a good move which will could push out eBay listings and give them more exposure than they would only on eBay proper.

It’s also very similar to the line of widgets recently launched by vFlyer. And like those, eBay could gain significant traction within its very strong autos vertical, where many dealers will likely jump on the opportunity to plant their eBay listings on their own sites in a new and interesting way.

Autos and real estate are verticals generally quick to adopt new technologies because of the margins involved and the traditional pressure to get leads. Leads in fact are highly inelastic in these industries which is why they hold the best upsell opportunities for paid classifieds tools.

This is why vFlyer focuses on these verticals, and eBay can likewise drive business to its own site by further putting itself and its listings “out there” in the marketplace with these free tools that will serve as tentacles into the blogosphere.

Screenshots of the new widgets are at TechCrunch.

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