Yahoo Panama Announcement Shows Up Multiple Account Difficulties

It gets confusing some times. A search engine sends you an email about updating some element of its product and you don’t know if it is one of your clients who have just been added to the change over process or if this is a new thing being changed.

Apparently Yahoo is changing over to Panama in Scandanavian countries.

When I first got the email I thought okay new sponsored search? Now what…. when you have all sorts of international accounts (remember Yahoo gives a different account for each country) and in some cases multiple accounts in those countries… it gets tough.

A lot of the times it is obvious but you have to open the email and see what particular account or country it is referring to; other times you need someone to translate (you get the emails in many languages).

The search engines need a central page that posts the dates when changes start for every one of their products. Outline the timelines and help your customers keep track of when things will change, so they can budget time and resources. Or maybe one of our fellow SEMs wants to run with this…. could get you a lot of traffic. Dave – like that idea?

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