Local.com on a Roll

No, that’s not a menu item at Venture Frogs restaurant (the San Francisco bubble-era eatery that featured dishes named after tech companies).

Local.com has announced new enhancements to its SERPs including:

· Sort search results by rating, distance, business name and category
· View search results within a defined radius
· Filter results by related categories and nearby cities
· Sort by star ratings and read user reviews
· Access recent searches, which are now automatically saved for easy reference

This comes days after launching its Local Verified annual fee-based paid placement product, and weeks after launching the LocalPromote landing page product.

The SERP improvements should help the company continue to gain traction among users, as the site experience has improved a great deal. Although many of these features bring the site on par with the top local search destinations, rather than above or beyond, as pointed out by Greg Sterling. This has also included a move away from banner ads, to a more text ad oriented SERP.

On the advertiser end, LocalPromote will bring more small businesses online, in line with the webification trend that is driving a lot of product development in the local search space. It’s an attractive landing page tool that takes a lot of the guesswork out of establishing an online presence for the majority of small businesses that aren’t inclined to go out and build (or commission) a website.

This should help Local.com expand its addressable market, and the pool to which it can upsell a growing stable of ad products and formats.

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