User-Generated Videos On Your Domain?

Do you already produce or license video content for your site? Do you incorporate user-generated content and sharing tools now? Then encouraging your visitors to share video content on your domain seems like a natural progression.

Yet today we all equate video sharing with the portals. Sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Revver and Break have achieved critical mass, with YouTube far in the lead. They attract professional and amateur video contributors, who all host freely on these sites. Viewers know they will be able to search within these communities and find something that intrigues or amuses them.

While these video portals are doing well today, their predominance may not last forever.

A few days ago, YouTube announced that it would start paying some of its amateur contributors who brought in high traffic. While other sites had paid for non-professionals before, the market leader joined the fold too. (See earlier SEW posting.)

We’re not cheerleading for particular services, but there are some low-end options for publishers. vSocial released a free service last year. CEO Mark Sigal says that nearly 600 users have created mini-YouTubes through his service so far. Vidiac provides another free option for small sites. Further up the food chain are services like VideoEgg, which powers some selected social networks.

It’s worth trying to create more social engagement and loyalty on your site. At some point, the tide will turn.

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