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Online radio station is expected to add a video section to its site this week that will allow users to create their own personalized video channels. is partnering with a number of major producers such as EMI and Warner as well as independent labels.’s goal is to allow users to essentially set up their own video channels that will play the music videos of their choice.

Users who look for music videos of their favorite bands are often disappointed by the search results. Instead of getting the band, the results yield teenagers covering the band with their own amateur videos. Improved results are a must for music video fans.

The music video search niche is being filled by a growing number of tools for the music video enthusiast. There is a nice round-up of the burgeoning music video search tool universe by Josh Lowensohn in Webware. Three tools are reviewed: MusicTonic, Middio and iLike. Overall these music video search tools rely on scraping YouTube and Google videos and repackaging the results with their own interfaces. By pre-filtering the input to include videos from specific content provider channels, they are able to give improved results. The UI of each of these sites has different features and functionality. For example, with Middio it is possible to convert YouTube videos to iPod format. It will be interesting to see which in the long run captures the users.

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