Event Search Engine: Oyaka.com

Launched last year, Oyaka.com is a clever concept – a search engine for events. Have a date in mind, go here and see what events are listed in your area. Want to know when or if your favorite musician is playing – try here. Hey they even have alerts when new info or tour dates etc. are added.

I came across this because they have sponsored a competition over at another clever site: MyIdolWorld.com – an online attempt at an American Idol type thing. Interesting and amusing – the talent levels are varied but fun. Oyaka is one of the main sponsors and the partnership should work for them both.

I will keep an eye on these two and see what happens over the coming months.

Oyaka describes itself well:

“We are a young, enthusiastic, and creative team who loves everything under the sun! We love sharing, we love working hard and we love to come up with new and innovative ideas. Oyaka is for people who like us want to take advantage of any opportunity that makes life a little easier. Oyaka is a One Stop Comparison Meta-Search Engine using advanced web technology to bring its users millions of event and movie tickets from all over the web with speed and reliability.

Oyaka is a tool that provides a new way to search for event tickets, movies, and share thoughts and ideas. We have launched our platform to a vast community of fellow web surfers who love to see just how far the world of technology can take them,” the website states.

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