Internet Search Engine Database launches ISEdb SCOOP

Early this morning, Internet Search Engine Database launched its newest site called ISEdb SCOOP. It presents search engine industry news in such a way that user-appreciated information is pushed to the top of the overflowing pile.

Based on the now familiar social search technique, ISEdb SCOOP encourages visitors to submit news or articles then vote for their favorite search engine industry stories.

Tariq Ali, the site’s owner, says, “I wanted a community powered by users where they could submit, share, bookmark and discover search engine related news, articles and tips. I also wanted their feedback in order to help promote this quality information.”

On ISEdb SCOOP, users can submit articles they discover while conducting a news search or blog search. These stories will then appear in the “Upcoming Stories” section of the new site. As site visitors read articles and tips on the site, they can vote for the ones they find helpful and relevant.

What can you expect to find on ISEdb SCOOP? Virtually every type of search engine-related story, from reviews of Search Engine Strategies sessions to announcements about new technological advances.

Check it out.

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