Yahoo Starting Unlimited Email Space Today

As was announced a couple of months ago, Yahoo started its push for unlimited email storage today. Funny mine is still 1 gig as of a minute before this posting.

The rollout will take a couple of months and will be global, their press release stated.

Yahoo! Mail today began a global rollout of unlimited e-mail storage, which will reach all users of the service within the coming months. The service upgrade to the world’s most popular Web mail service* was previously announced in late March on the company blog, Yodel Anecdotal. Yahoo! is the first of the world’s three largest Web mail providers to provide unlimited e-mail storage.

“Yahoo! Mail has become an essential part of people’s lives over the past decade and people around the world are increasingly sharing more of their lives online. By providing unlimited e-mail storage, we’re continuing to build upon the industry’s best Web mail service,” said John Kremer, vice president, Yahoo! Mail.

Both new and existing Yahoo! Mail users will receive an unlimited amount of free e-mail storage as long as they follow normal e-mail practices and abide by the company’s anti-abuse limits. The service upgrade will be available to users of the original Yahoo! Mail service and the Yahoo! Mail Beta.

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