Online News Is Hottest Video Search Category

According to data released by ClipBlast video news is the fastest-growing category on the Video Web. ClipBlast has found that video news now accounts for 32 percent of all the video that ClipBlast indexes. This is up from only 15 percent in January. This explosive growth is being driven by local television stations that are enhancing their coverage with streaming video displayed on their Web sites.

According to Hitwise the share of traffic leaving News and Media websites and going directly to Entertainment – Multimedia websites increased by 196% from April 2006 to March 2007. News events that involved user-generated video helped drove the increase in traffic between News and Media and Multimedia websites.

Viewers accustomed to getting the bulk of their news coverage from TV news are now finding video news on the Web in an increasing volume. Whether it is the execution of Saddam Hussein or the shootings at Virginia Tech, searchers will come to expect to find video on the Web covering the story. This should serve to drive even more traffic to news clips on the Web.

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