Will Ad Targeting Change?

Whenever there are big ownership shifts in the ad business, it seems like a good time to ask for changes. Now that the ad network/server companies are shifting around, we should make our online ad targeting dreams come true. Here are three dreams.

Get keywords assigned to ads. Have your ad network assign the right keywords for search ads. We think these companies know a lot about what is getting searched. There’s so much data and modeling horsepower. Let them do much more work for advertisers.

Buy banners with keywords. Port your search keywords over to your displays buys. Imagine not having to buy based on demographics or interests, which are tendencies anyway. We think you can keep the CPM buying model intact, but make social or contextual placements across the board.

Banish the spam. Harness the collective interests about web site visitors, even anonymously. Megaliths should offer these opportunities to increase eCPMs for publishers, where it wasn’t possible before. Then make run of network, spam ads a dark and distant memory.

There are several different players, when it comes to the ad networks. In this oligopoly, my hope is that they will compete to fulfill our proverbial dreams.

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