Who Said It…

It’s the Saturday after major ownership changes have been announced in the online ad business. We have heard all the official reasons for the transactions. The true motivations remain with the players, namely Google, WPP, Microsoft, Yahoo, DoubleClick, 24/7 Real Media, aQuantive and Right Media.

So here’s a quick puzzler. Try to match these players with the following “unquoted reasons” likely mentioned behind closed doors, in hushed tones. (Sorry, but answers will NOT be provided.)

– We serve ads to the world.
– Improve those CPC buys!
– We can change.
– Make love, not war with publishers.
– We can’t keep losing people.
– Selling CPMs is dull.
– Have advertisers, will travel.
– We’re all about paid search.
– Our publishers are impressive.
– No more sweat shop for us.
– So few ways to spend our money.
– Our optimization rocks!
– Don’t creative ideas matter?
– Welcome Big Brother.
– We finally joined the club.

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