Indeed Testing Pay-per-Action Ad Model

Job search engine has been testing a pay-per-action (PPA) advertising model, which for recruiters means a pay-per-applicant ad model. The offering lets recruiters pay only when a job applicant responds to their listing, or lets other advertisers pay only when a specified action has occurred. Advertisers can specify any kind of online action they want to pay for, such as filling out a form or creating an account.

The PPA job ads will appear above and below Indeed’s organic results, in the same positions as its pay-per-click (PPC) ads run now. Keyword-targeted ads, sold by Indeed and back-filled with Ask Sponsored Listings ads, appear next to the organic listings. PPC and PPA ads will be intermixed, with Indeed’s algorithm ranking both types of ads together.

Organic and sponsored job listings are also outsourced to Indeed’s network of content sites, who share in revenue generated by a co-branded job search or a site-targeted “Jobroll,” a custom feed of jobs matching the interests and locations of their audiences.

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