Strategic Analytics Consulting from Eric T. Peterson

Eric T. Peterson recently left Visual Sciences to focus his attention on strategic consulting through his company Web Analytics Demystified. I spoke with Eric yesterday about his new focus.

Eric said that his focus on strategic consulting came about because he saw problems with how companies were utilizing web analytics. He indicated that “part of organizations are good at web analytics”, but “very few organizations are good at web analytics throughout the organization”. This speaks to a failure to get the best ROI from a company’s web analytics investment.

It’s common for organizations that invest in web analytics to setup a team that focuses on analytics, and then does a good job with it within that team. But the value of analytics does not stop there. For example, getting the marketing team engaged and benefiting from analytics is something that is often not done as well as it could be. In addition, getting senior management buy in for ongoing investments in analytics is usually quite a bit easier if they are being fed the metrics for the business that they are looking for.

These are the types of areas that Web Analytics Demystified is going to focus on. This enables them to focus on the strategic view, and therefore work with other companies that provide services such as web vendor selection, implementation assistance, and business analysis of the analytics data as it comes in.

In addition, Web Analytics Demystified recently announced a partnership with Aquent, the world’s largest marketing staffing firm. This partner will help Eric’s new venture gain steam fast.

Aquent works with something like 90% of the Fortune 100, and will frequently receive requests from it’s clients for people to staff an analytics team. Eric can then help ensure that Aquent’s clients get the most out of their analytics investment by providing strategic consulting.

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