Interview with FeedBurner’s Rick Klau

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Klau recently, and we got into a deep discussion about how to get the most out of your RSS feeds. One of the key points we discussed was the notion of including the your entire article into the feed, not just a summary.

I asked Rick about this, and he said that he is a fan of this approach. Many have debated the pros and cons of this approach, with the two sides of the argument being about the tradeoffs between providing users the ability to read your content directly in your feed, if they prefer this, versus the goal of getting users to your site.

Rick points out that there is another entire dimension to this argument that most people are missing. More and more RSS services are discovering feeds and indexing feed content based on the content of the article as presented in the feed. Including the full article in the feed itself increases exposure in these services, and therefore increases the reach of your feed and site.

One example of this is Techmeme that scans feeds to see links between posts to quickly build a map of all the discussions on a particular subject. If you publish only a summary of an article that does not include a key link, then you can miss out on participating in the traffic and exposure that a service like Techmeme can provide.

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