SES Speaker Exclusivity Rumors Untrue

In most cases, I’d rather let rumors lie and let them fall by the wayside. But I think it’s important to clarify something on behalf of our Search Engine Strategies team.

According to Rand Fishkin, there are rumors about SES planning to require speakers to sign an exclusivity agreement, so that speakers at SES would not be allowed to speak at other shows like SMX or Webmaster World.

Let me assure you that Incisive Media (parent to both SEW and SES) has no such plans. There have not been, nor will there be any plans to institute any kind of exclusivity agreement for speakers at any of our events.

Hopefully, this will dispel any rumors, and put the idea to rest.

UPDATE: Here’s the deal: there is a clause in the SES speaker guidelines (put there by Danny Sullivan) requesting them not to speak at a competing conference for two weeks before or after their appearance at SES. There is nothing in the contract, or anywhere else, saying that anyone who speaks at SMX will be banned from speaking at SES. That was the implication of the rumors, and that is just not the case.

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