New Rules of PR Podcast with Greg Jarboe

I recorded a podcast with Greg Jarboe a few weeks ago about the new rules of PR. The conversation focused on strategies for using PR to promote your site.

One of the big shifts that Greg sees is that there is much more of an opportunity to use PR to talk directly to your end customers. In the past, PR activities focused on communicating with media people, hoping that they would write an article about your news, and then you would reach your end audience through them.

So while media people, including both traditional media and bloggers, remain very important, services like Yahoo News and Google News have made it really easy for non-media people to directly access streams of news related to their interests.

In this new world, you might do some press releases that you would not have done before. For example, a special fare offer by Southwest Airlines (for example, a $29 fare from Boston to Philadelphia) may not be that interesting for media people to write about, but you can bet that many consumers would be very interested in that information.

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