Pepperjam Signs Exclusive Deal With DoubleClick

In an interesting move for a large scale agency, Pepperjam has signed an exclusive partnership deal with DoubleClick.

“We made the switch to DoubleClick because they offer a fully-integrated ad management platform to seamlessly manage all digital marketing channels,” said Kristopher B. Jones, president and CEO of Pepperjam. “It became a burden to manage multiple products for each marketing channel. DoubleClick instead provides cutting-edge technology and in-depth analysis enabling us to focus on serving our clients.”

Amid the mutual back slapping by DoubleClick and Pepperjam, the press release detailed an interesting use of the DART to monitor search ROI as well. Though a component able to be adapted to measure search ROI has been available, most agencies use a stand alone program for their PPC analytics.

The press release states:

DFA provides Pepperjam with a hosted, enterprise-class advertising management and serving solution to help their clients reach their online goals efficiently and effectively. DFA offers sophisticated targeting capabilities, ad serving technology, robust reporting and rich media capabilities. As a highly advanced ad management platform on the market today, DFA allows marketers to centrally manage creative assets, traffic more compelling ads, track results beyond impressions and clicks to understand conversion, improve ROI and branding and automatically optimize creative to improve results.

Pepperjam’s powerful search-engine marketing management solution will rely on the Web-based DART Search, a solution for all aspects of creating and managing search advertising. It is integrated with DFA, so Pepperjam clients get a clear view of results across both display and search advertising, enabling them to boost efficiency, effectiveness and ROI. The Web-based DART Search system is integrated with leading engines so Pepperjam clients have insight into what’s happening from first bid to final report, across multiple search engines. Additionally, DART Search is synchronized with DFA, so Pepperjam clients can gain a clear view of their results.

With DoubleClick Rich Media, Pepperjam can easily collaborate with their agency partners, publishers and advertisers to produce campaigns that garner great results. DoubleClick Rich Media integrates the best of interactive design, ad serving and reporting into a sophisticated integrated rich media offering.

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