Google Adds Content Network Transparency

Since its Content Network launched, advertisers have been asking Google for a way to get a better idea of where their ads appear, and get more control over the display of their ads on specific sites. While Google has been cleaning up the network in recent weeks, it is now also giving advertisers more transparency and control.

Beginning today in the U.S., and rolling out worldwide later this year, advertisers will now be able to see a Placement Performance report, which enables advertisers to see the exact sites on the Google content network where their ads appear.

Placement Performance reports also provide site-by-site performance metrics – including domain, URL, impression, click, conversion and cost data – as well as aggregated metrics for traffic generated from AdSense for domain sites.

With site-by-site comparison data, advertisers can more easily target sites to exclude from their campaign, or those they wish to heavy up on with site targeting. The report can also clue advertisers in on other categories or niches they may want to explore, according to Brian Axe, product management director at Google.

The new reports, which Google spoke about earlier this year, continue along the lines of the Content Network site exclusion and separate content pricing, and are the first of many coming enhancements, Axe said.

“Advertisers have had keywords; now they can more easily add sites to their optimization strategies,” he said. “We view this as a platform for much more optimization than advertisers have been able to do before.”

No word yet on when this option will be available for sites in the search network, but Axe did say that the current line-item listing for AdSense for Domains should be expanded to a site-by-site report soon.

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