Jennifer Laycock, Lactivist and Search Engine Guide Editor, Starts Google Moratorium

So Tuesday June 12th is supposed to be ‘Don’t Use Google Day’ – guess someone forgot to send me the memo because the day is more than half way done and I only just came across this.

Jennifer Laycock – the infamous Lactivist who was told to cease and desist using “the other white milk” as a T-shirt slogan by the Pork Board who later dropped the suit and made a generous donation to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Ohio – was using this to show people that you can market a business online without Google.

“One point that I continue to hear over and over (and OVER) from businesses? That they are “forced” to rely too heavily on Google. Whether it’s the struggle to gain strong rankings in the organic index or the razor-thin margins associated with running a paid search campaign, new business start-ups seem convinced that they can’t get anywhere without Google.

I’m here to tell them that they can” Laycock stated on her blog.

I await further news on how this went. It is indeed scary to be so reliant on a single source of traffic…. just like our dependence on overseas oil…. I am betting Jennifer gets us unhooked long before the oil situation is solved.

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