Fresh Update to Google Analytics

The Google Analytics has just released an update. The update focused on adding a few select things that they heard as feedback from their recent upgrade back on May 8, 2007. Here is a short summary list of the changes:

  1. Hourly Reporting. The old Google Analytics interface had hourly reporting capability, a feature that was dropped from the product back on May 8th. It turns out that many people were dissapointed with that change. If you are wondering why an hour by hour breakdown would be important, consider the social media environment.

    When you are successful of getting to the front page of a social media site, you get a large spike in traffic, and then this drops off once you fall off that page. Hourly tracking makes it easier to track the course of your social media campaign.

  2. Clickable URLs. URLs in the Referring Sites, Top Content, Top Exit Pages, and Top Landing Pages reports are now clickable. This change simply makes it easier to check out new referrers.

  3. Cross Segmentation by Network Location. Google Analytics now offers support for cross segmenting reports by network location.

  4. Increased number of data rows per page. Now you can expand the lists of data you see (for things like referring sites or search keyphrases) up to 500 rows. The prior maximum was 100. This just makes it easier to look over the data when you lots of it.

  5. Bounce Rate color change. Perviously the color red was used to indicate a decrease in bounce rate, and green to indicate an increase in bounce rate. This seemed backwards, so they flipped it.

  6. AdWords Integration. They have made it easier to integrate AdWords into your Google Analytics account. You could do it before this update, but it was a little clumsy. Now the path to integration has been greatly simplified.

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