Advanced Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dave Davis of redfly marketing has an interesting post that gets into great detail about how to make the most of dynamic keyword insertion in Google AdWords.

The article starts with the basics, but pretty quickly gets into a much higher level of detail. One of the more intriguing parts of this article is the various forms of manipulating capitalization:

  1. keyword – No capitalization, all word(s) are in lower case
  2. Keyword – The first word is capitalized
  3. KeyWord – Every word is capitalized
  4. KEYword – Every letter in first word is capitalized
  5. KEYWord -Every letter in the first word AND the first letter of the second
  6. KEYWORD – Every letter is capitalized

Dynamic keyword insertion is a great concept, but challenging to do well. Precise control over the capitalization, and understanding how to make this work to your advantage can be a big key to success.

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