ThreadWatch Closing on Friday

ThreadWatch, one of the first major industry blogs, is ceasing operations on Friday, Aaron Wall announced today.

The site, originally started by industry luminary Nick Wilson, had grown into a major source of industry news. With no alliances, the blog had a biting style that many people appreciated. It became the spot where most of the news in our industry was aggregated, an essential read for anyone trying to keep up with our industry.

I did a brief stint as a blogger there and was and am proud to mention the affiliation. Many of the best people in our industry have posted there, and at times many of the worst as well. It was what made it a good read – but also may have caused the site’s demise.

Aaron I love you mate but…. girlfriend/ThreadWatch ThreadWatch/girlfriend – you can always find another girl friend…..

Just joking… thanks for keeping it going as long as you have. It will be sorely missed.

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