Newsknife names top sources in Google News for environmental articles

While the impact of humans on the environment has been one of the big stories so far for 2007, that doesn’t seem reflected in the environmental articles that appear in Google News. According to Newsknife, only 37 of the 1048 news items recorded at Google News to the end of June 2007 have been clearly related to the environment. Even then, Newsknife had to include news of local items like storms along with important issues like global warming.

The top news sources for environmental articles in Google News include:

1 The Boston Globe 3 appearances found
L2, 1, 3:00 pm Wed Jan 31,
Welch: Interference in science “stunning”
L1, 1, 6:58 pm Fri Mar 16,
Montpelier escapes flooding…
L3, 1, 7:00 pm Thu Mar 22,
Gore takes his global-warming battle to

2 2
W1, 1, 7:00 pm Mon Jan 29,
Nigeria: The Weather is Confused
T1, 1, 7:00 pm Fri Feb 2,
Africa: Scientists United On Human-Induced
Climate Change

3 The Christian Science Monitor 2
W1, 1, 7:00 pm Sun Feb 4,
…calls mount for global response
W2, 1, 6:59 pm Tue Mar 13,
Britain’s ‘global first’ bill to cut CO2 emissions

4 The Houston Chronicle 2
L1, 1, 7:00 pm Sun Mar 4,
Bush tours towns hit by tornadoes
L2, 1, 7:01 pm Wed Apr 25,
EPA accused of flouting Supreme Court

5 The New York Times 2
W3, 1, 7:00 pm Mon Jan 15,
At Summit, Asian Nations Sign Energy Accord
L3, 1, 11:26 pm Tue May 22,
California Wants Strict Auto Emission Rules

To see the entire list, go to Newsknife’s “Ultimate 2007 environment news resource,” which lists the headlines that Newsknife found at Google News as the first listed source for 37 environment-related news items, January – June 2007.

Or, if you are a Newsknife member (which costs only $10), you can get a list of more than 5,000 environment-related headlines from 985 news sites worldwide that wrote about these 37 stories, but were buried as many as 10 pages deep in the news search listings.

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