Google Adding Copyright Filters To YouTube

Friday during a copyright-infringement lawsuit hearing involving Viacom and Google, a Google attorney told the judge the company was working “very intensely” on a video recognition technology, the AP reported. The technology, that could be used to filter for copyright infringements, could be added to YouTube as early as September, it was reported.

Viacom sued Google in March in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleging copyright infringement from YouTube and seeking $1 billion in damages.

Using the recognition programming, copyright owners can provide a digital fingerprint that within a minute or two will trigger a block from YouTube whenever someone tries to upload a copyright video without permission, the AP reported.

“We hope to have the testing completed and technology available by some time in the fall, but this is one of the most technologically complicated tasks that we have ever undertaken, and as always with cutting-edge technologies, it’s difficult to forecast specific launch dates,” a YouTube spokesperson told IDG News.

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