Commission Junction Offering Search Marketing Services

UPDATE: I had a phone conversion with Brett Shearing, Business Development Manager at Commission Junction, who told me the search marketing services will only be offered to their vendors. UPDATE

Seems affiliate marketing giant Commission Junction wants to start offering search marketing services, according to an email I received today.

It states they have been offering this to an exclusive group of advertisers for the past three years.

Very interesting… it almost seems too good to be true. A service that has the affiliate programs for you to sell and will take charge of the selling process too…. hmmm. The ultimate turnkey operation – pick a product and then tell them how much you want to make and they cut you a check!

Obviously not that simple but somehow it seems weird. The email is below:

I would like to have 2 minutes of your time to introduce Commission Junction’s, CJ Search Group. You may not be aware, but CJ has been providing Search Engine Marketing Services to an exclusive group of Advertisers for the last 3 years. We are now expanding this offering to allow all advertisers to take advantage of our Best in Class approach to Search Engine Marketing.

Over the last three years, we have developed a Best in Class Search Engine Marketing Methodology, built one of the industry most sophisticated Bid Management Platforms (in fact our tracking components are used by eBay), and assembled the brightest team of Search Engine Marketers in the industry. We are experts in Paid Search, Paid Inclusion, SEO and Shopping Portals.

We offer the following benefits to our clients:

– Aggressive Paid Search (Pay Per Click) Optimization. We are experts in increasing ROAS, driving volume and optimizing for maximum efficiencies.
– Ability to gain no 1 ranking’s naturally through SEO for highly competitive terms.
– A sophisticated Bid Management platform able to optimize effectively for CTR and bid price and ROAS, not just bid price and ROAS.
– A true understand of the interdependence of Affiliate marketing and Search Engine Marketing. We are the industry leaders in working Search and Affiliates to maximize ROAS.
– A dedicated customer focused team. We seek to understand your business objectives, provide effective communication and deliver superior results.
– Ability to track multiple cookie conversions. This includes search retargeting.
– Performance based pricing model. We are rewarded for increasing ROAS, not by increasing spend.

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