Portal and Search Engine Satisfaction Ratings

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index has posted new Customer Satisfaction Indices for a wide range of companies, including a number of portal/search engine companies. The results are based on surveys of consumers. Here is a sampling of the data:

Company 2006 2007 % Change
Internet Portals/Search Engines 77 75 -2.6
Yahoo! Inc. 76 79 3.9
Google Inc. 81 78 -3.7
All Others 78 75 -3.8
Ask.com (IAC/InterActiveCorp) 71 75 5.6
MSN (Microsoft Corporation) 74 75 1.4
AOL LLC (Time Warner Inc.) 74 67 -9.5

A thread over at WebmasterWorld expresses shock that Yahoo could be rated higher than Google. It underscores the need to be careful about how you interpret this type of data. The survey does clearly state that the companies are all evalutated on an overall basis, so the Yahoo! numbers clearly include their portal properties, social media sites, etc.

One interesting thing to note is the jump Ask made from a score of 71 to a score of 75, a step forward of 5.6%. In fact, Ask was more highly rated than Microsoft in this survey (which grew by 1.4%).

It’s also not a big surprise to see AOL bringing up the rear, although the precipitous drop of 9.5% was notable. I wonder if this was more driven by the accidental release of information with personally identifiable data, or by simple changes in the market need for a product that is just the Internet on training wheels.

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