Search Headlines & Links: August 16, 2007

Want a snapshot of the day’s search marketing news? Here we’ve collected today’s top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

From the SEW Blog:

  • Optimizing your SES San Jose Schedule
    Still trying to figure out which of the 73 sessions to attend at next week’s Search Engine Strategies conference? Let Greg Jarboe guide you with his optimized schedules for paid- and organic-focused search marketers.
  • Interview with Danny Sullivan
    Danny has been telling people for years that vertical search and personalization are coming, but now that they are both here he wonders “what do I tell them now?”
  • SEW Experts: Integration: Key Element of Link Building
    Sage Lewis discusses a key element of link building: integration, the process of incorporating something special into your Web site to attract linking partners.

Headlines & News from Elsewhere:

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