Google Maps can now be integrated using HTML

Google announced today that they have simplified the method for integrating Google Maps on to your web site. The new method allows Google Maps to be integrated using simple HTML. As a result, integrating Google Maps no longer requires a knowledge of Java Script, and you no longer need an API key to do it.

This should enable smaller site owners without programming expertise to leverage Google Maps. For example, a business could integrate dricing directions onto their site. The process now consists of 3 steps:

  1. Pull up the Google Map you want
  2. Click on the “Link to this page” link
  3. Copy and paste the resulting HTML into their site

I don’t think that this is an announcement that will impact users of Google Maps that have already mastered the Java Script and Google API Key challenges, but it should enable a lot of new sites with less programming expertise to take advantage of Google Maps.

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