Some tidbits from SES San Jose

SES San Jose is now into it’s third day. As always, it’s a great show. There is lots of stuff happening with search and web marketing, which is the juice that drives these events. One of the most notable things is the fact that the show has evidently set an attendance record.

At least that’s the rumor on the show floor, but it also looks that way based on the number of people walking around the convention center. This place is packed. In one of the sessions I sat in on, one of the speakers asked how many people were at their first SES. By my estimate about half the room raised their hands. It’s an incredible testament to how the industry is growing.

One of the most interesting factoids I heard what that 15% to 16% of all searches are for images. If you haven’t been looking seriously at image search, you really should think about this again. Particularly with the advent of universal search, as image results will have an increasing role in the web search results.

Speaking of universal search, one of the areas that is already pretty making great progress is the way they can key in on your location (by IP address for example) and show you relevant local results. This is another area that represents a huge opportunity for search marketers.

So many opportunities … and so little time, but that, after all, is what makes it fun and interesting.

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