More Exec Moves at Yahoo

Yahoo, which has undergone a few rounds of reorganization this year, is in the midst of more changes in its ad sales business. This time, Hilary Schneider will be tapped to head a group overseeing ad sales and publisher relationships, effectively replacing Greg Coleman as head of global sales, according to Kara Swisher at All Things Digital.

In an internal memo (posted by paidContent), Yahoo president Sue Decker describes the changes, describing a new Global Partner Solutions (GPS) division under Schneider that will have responsibility for all of Yahoo’s “partners” – advertisers, agencies, resellers, publishers, ad networks, developers, or others.

Jeff Weiner, EVP of Yahoo’s Network Division, will add to his responsibilities, currently including most consumer-facing assets, including search and social media sites. Weiner will regain control of many of the businesses previously under Schneider in the Local Markets and Commerce (LMC) division, including shopping, travel, autos, real estate and local. Weiner ran these businesses from 2002 to 2006 as SVP of search and marketplaces, before a previous reorg moved them under Schneider.

This reorg is not yet as big as the moves in June to oust Terry Semel, when Jerry Yang returned as CEO and Sue Decker was named president; or February’s creation of three new operating groups (although much of that was undone by Semel and Decker). But since it’s just about halfway through a 100-day plan by Yang to scrutinize the business, we can expect more changes to come in the next 50 days.

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