Interview with Kevin Ryan of SES

Now that SES San Jose 2007 is past, it seems like a good time to publish the interview I did recently (just before the show) with Kevin Ryan. Kevin has picked up the reins for SES, and at SES Chicago he will be exclusively responsible for programming the show.

Kevin has a background in a wide range of agencies and media, and is collecting lots of input on what to do with the show series in the future. For one thing, Incisive has assembled an advisory board to provide oversight and input on the future of the show. Kevin has also been actively attending events, and collecting input from past attendees, and speakers.

Kevin does plan to put a new emphasis on fresh content, and does expect the show series to broaden its horizons going into the future. The interview with Kevin did reveal quite a bit about his approach to things and expanding show content. In general, it looks like it’s full steam ahead for SES.

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