Online PR roundtable finds identifying online influencers is key

E-consultancy has just posted its latest roundtable briefing about Online PR and it tackles the tough challenge of identifying online influencers. One of the key points of the briefing is: “There is an important difference between popularity and influence online. There is a tendency for people to over-value popularity and under-value influence.”

The roundtable briefing also reconfirms something that was said during the “SEO Through Blogs & Feeds” session at SES San Jose: “It’s very difficult to listen to every conversation which is going on about you online.”

The e-consultancy briefing also looks at measurement of online PR benefits and success. It says, “To a certain extent, the value of online PR can be understood in terms of how search engine rankings are improved.” But, it adds, “A lot of online PR is measured in terms of how many people you have reached or how much traffic you have driven to your website.”

Finally, the September 2007 briefing also contains this news nugget: “Online PR budgets are typically coming from e-commerce rather than from PR.” While this is based on market trends in the UK, I’ve seen similar trends on this side of the pond.

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