Google Reader Not Yet in Universal Search

Google Blogoscoped reports that an internal video titled Nooglers And The PDB: Reactor (Ben Darnell, September 6, 2007) was leaked from Google. Nooglers is the internal term for new Googlers, and Reactor is the internal code word for Google Reader.

There were a number of interesting points that Google Blogoscoped extracted from the video. One particularly interesting one was that there is no plan to integrate Google Reader with Universal Search: “This is because Universal Search doesn’t provide its backends with user IDs (so Gmail results can’t be shown either), and because it requires a lookup time of less than 1/4 second”.

My own suspicion is that while there may be no short term plan to do this type of integration, Google would like to do this over the longer term. There is a strong commitment to Universal Search and Personalization within Google, and taking advantage of user specified feeds makes a lot of sense. After all, by subscribing to a feeed, a user is indicating that they trust that feed as a source of information.

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