blinkx and Utarget partners in online video advertising deal

blinkx, the video search engine, today announced its partnership with the UK’s online video advertising network Utarget, to place video advertising around its content for UK audiences. Utarget will focus on monetizing blinkx’s video inventory including ITN News and ITN Celebrity.

Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx, says his company is looking to develop more geo-targeted matches between content owners and advertisers to better monetize their output, and that “working with Utarget will offer their partners the simplest way of getting in touch with UK advertisers.”

“blinkx is easily the most advanced search engine for users to access video.” said Phil Cooper, Utarget CEO. Partnering with blinkx will offer our advertisers quality video inventory and a large, well-informed audience.”

Exclusive: blinkx has also informed me that uTarget’s ads will be pre-roll, and run before user-selected video. According to a YouGove study commissioned by Utarget Networks, UK Internet users are far more receptive to pre-roll online video advertising than U.S. internet users.

Read the commentary on this story at the Grantastic Designs blog.

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