Search Headlines & Links: September 18, 2007

Want a snapshot of the day’s search marketing news? Here we’ve collected today’s top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

From the SEW Blog:

  • The Key to Getting Answers: Be Prepared
    The obvious way to learn at SES is to attend the sessions. But you can learn a whole lot more by going in with a plan and thinking like a Boy Scout: Be Prepared.
  • Archives Mean Ad Dollars
    Publishers have always guarded their archives, as one of the last bastions of online, fee-based revenues. But with a search-optimized site, revenue from ads can outweigh subscription fees.
  • Google AdSense for Mobile
    The program is targeted at people who have created websites targeted at mobile browsers, allowing them to make money on contextual advertising using the same model used by Google on the traditional web.
  • SEW Experts: Think Small, Win Big: Social Media Marketing
    Carrie Hill asks if social media has arrived, or if it’s still middle school for Web sites. See how your small business can make sense of it.
  • SEW Experts: Google Dance in Aeon Flux
    Mark Jackson explores the “Google Dance.” Some SEO experts say the Google don’t dance. Others claim the Google Dance never ends. What does it mean for SEM, ranking reports, and site analytics?

Headlines & News from Elsewhere:

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