Google Webmaster Tools Update

The Google Webmaster tools announced new changes to Webmaster Tools. Ths biggest change was the addition of subscriber stats from various Google services, such as: Google Reader, iGoogle, and Orkut.

One of the biggest questions in the comments on the post was about a potential integration with Feedburner itself. This would provide great additional value, and many users seem to want that. This would provide subscriber data on services other than Google services.

In one of the comments, Google employee Susan Moskwa offered some clarification on this point:

“the subscriber number in webmaster tools reflects all known subscribers to feeds that are on your verified domain only. FeedBurner sees all requests for your feeds, whether they’re to or If a Google user is subscribed to the FeedBurner version of your feed, the webmaster tools number will not include them.”

In addition to the subscriber stats, the user interface was revamped. The tabbed look is gone, and not there is a left side menu that expands and contracts dynamically, depending on where you go in the site. When I first saw it, it took some getting used to. I suspect, however, that it will ultimately be easier to use, and it probably makes it easier for the menu to be expanded to include more additional features in the future.

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