Custom Search Business Edition

Google has created a new version of its Custom Search Engines which it calls Custom Search Business Edition. This version offers business owners the option to turn off the ads, and complete customization of the way the search results are presented. The result is that they can create a truly customized experience for the user.

Of course, obtaining this additional capability comes at a price. The pricing model offered by Google is as follows:

  • Search less than 5,000 web pages: $100 per year
  • Search less than 50,000 web pages: $500 per year
  • Search less than 100,000 web pages: $850 per year
  • Search less than 300,000 web pages: $2250 per year

The customization of the look and feel of the search results is enabled because the results are made accessible through an XML API. This enables you to control the look and feel of the presentation. Ultimately, this new product provides web site owners with additional flexibility in using Custom Search Engines on their sites.

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