Google SERPs Promoting Google Book Links

I was alerted to this by a thread at WebMaster World, seems Google search results are promoting Google Books product. To see an example of this do a search for “building wealth” and go to the page four and beyond results.

Initially this was being shown on the first page and beyond but it seems they have pushed it back a little. Google has been known to test changes to the algorithm without announcing the tests. Hey we are all part of their testing pool.

The highlighths of the conversation at WW were:

*PPC listings were also used briefly – guess they wanted to test the impact of double listing in organic and PPC.

*The Google Books listings have no backlinks – so obviously are being placed there using a boost or value that the algorithm has had set to help the listings (could be something that could be hacked!!!)

*Book listings have been noticed since May – obviously it has been pushed just recently.

*Single word terms seems to be the major area being tested – could be a reflection on the fact that US searchers generally use 2-4 words when searching.

f anyone has noticed this and has some insights please join the conversation here.

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