Hey! Nielsen Wants You

After all these years, Nielsen has decided to compete (a little) with those it measures online. HeyNielsen.com invites everybody to share their opinions about entertainment directly. The operating premise is that YOU can influence online and offline media through this new social site.

Nielsen has created a new Hey! Nielsen score which reflects visitor opinions. The score is also based on news and raw data from The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and BlogPulse — all properties owned by Nielsen. We’d like to learn more about how this stew is mixed together.

The site looks like it’s been carefully constructed, yet the site search isn’t up to par. When I looked for “Brad Pitt,” he showed up below a few dozen non-Brads from the music arena. If I’m going to be encouraged to contribute my opinions, then search should be put on the fix-it list.

As announced yesterday, Nielsen has rolled out an A-Z social site here. So I checked out Brad’s page, his scores, other opinions, and even external blog postings. I also noticed ways to connect to other members, and learn about their interests. While all these and other features seem nice, it’s hard to predict whether Hey! Nielsen will become a social hub.

In the meantime, Nielsen succeeds when it pulls me in, gets my opinions, and makes me available for research. It’s not a bad bargain, if visitors get a little something in return.

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