Google Group Promises Five Solid Answers

In the Google Webmaster Help group, Google’s Search Evangelist Adam Lasnik has promised users that five big questions would be thoroughly answered in that group in the next two weeks.

Got questions? We’ve got answers: at least five (5) substantive responses to your picks on webmaster’y topics over the next two weeks.

We invite you to ask questions in this thread that:
– don’t deal with a specific site or sites
– are likely to be of interest to a great many webmasters around the world
– aren’t already covered in one of our recent blog posts or in our Help Center

And in turn we will do one of the following for each response:
– Start a thread in this group with a detailed answer.
– Add new Help Center documentation or substantially revise an existing doc to cover your question.
– Do a blog post on the topic.

Now’s your chance to get those hard questions answered.

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