Yahoo Gives More Details To Panama Changes

I received another email with the updated press release about new changes to Panama so figured I would pass it along for everyone to read:

Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet brand, today announced the introduction of Blocked Domains within its Sponsored Search system, known as Panama. The new feature provides site blocking capabilities for advertisers enabling them to have greater control over where their sponsored search and contextual ads appear. Since these ads can appear outside the Yahoo! network, the Blocked Domains feature will allow advertisers to specify websites and/or sections of websites on which they don’t want their ads to appear. This feature is designed to better enable advertisers to block their ads from appearing on websites that don’t meet their business needs. This is just one of several ways Yahoo! is working to improve the value of traffic that is delivered to advertisers.

“This domain-blocking feature is yet another way for us to provide greater advertiser control,” said Reggie Davis, Vice President of Marketplace Quality, for Yahoo!, “Now, by enabling advertisers to control the placement of their ads, they can partner with us to help drive traffic quality. We believe this is welcomed news for advertisers.”

This year, Yahoo! introduced pricing discounts so that advertisers may be charged less based on Yahoo!’s assessment of the quality of its partners’ traffic, as well as Yahoo!’s Click Protection System which automatically filters out potentially invalid and poorly performing clicks .Yahoo! has also launched enhanced geo-targeting, blocked continents, and most recently the Traffic Quality Center (

With the new Blocked Domains, advertisers will be able to block up to 250 domains per account, including an entire domain, a subdomain, and up to two directories within a particular domain. Yahoo! plans to introduce the Blocked Domains feature in October 2007.

A forum discussion on this topic can be found here.

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