Google’s Ajax Search API

The Ajax APIs are one of those services from Google that I think does not get the attention it deserves. For example, Google’s Ajax Search API allows a web master to integrate search results within their web page, with complete control over the look and feel. In addition, you are also able to dynamically pull in results from several sources, including:

  • Web Search
  • Blog Search
  • News Search
  • Video Search
  • Local Search

During my recent visit to the Googleplex, I spoke with Mark Lucovsky, Google Technical Director, and Chris Ulbrich from Google’s PR department, about recent developments. I learned some new cool things you can do with this API:

1. The NY times blog has integrated a Ajax search of a set of blogs it call the “opinion blogs” on it’s site. Look for the phrase “from the opinion blogs” on the right column of the page. The major thing you notice – no trace of Google branding in the results. None.

2. They have a project they are working on for a Local Search Control. This feature allows you to embed local search directly into a Google Map. Very, very cool. Better still, in the future you should expect to see AdSense integrated into this functionaliy, although this feature is not yet available to the general public.

If you are looking at how to integrate search results into your site, and want to present those results as content, the Ajax Search API provides you with a great range of capabilities for doing just that.

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