The Reservation Road Challenge

Last week, our esteemed SEW editors threw out a challenge. There’s a new film getting released this Friday, called Reservation Road. It’s based on a best seller from a decade ago. It’s got a great director and cast. How could we grow traffic as quickly as possible? How could we share the fine art of search marketing, too?

Here are a few tactics to get started:

1. Point all the traffic home. Even though the book and movie may be found in many places online, we want Reservation Road to lead somewhere. Our only bet seems to be the .net domain which re-directs to the Focus Features studio site. When you get there, you land on a page about several films including this release. There are some interesting previews and clips when you click on the movie. So it’s a start.

2. Act like a movie fan. We wanted to join the fans who already are linking Reservation Road to their sites about Joaquin Phoenix and others in the film. As part of priming this pump, we spent less than a day creating these pedestrian fan sites (and it shows). Note they all have different takes on the upcoming entertainment:

> Video Clips site – acts as a billboard, with simple reviews and links to clips (Reservation Road)
> General blog – links to movie premieres, books (Reservation Road)
> Actors blog – waxes enthusiastically about the movie and its actors (Reservation Road)
> Movie Reviews blog – links to all reviews, nothing edited (Reservation Road)
> Photos site – shows selected pix of the lead actors, from red carpets (Reservation Road)
> Book blog – links to original book reviews and more (Reservation Road Book)

3. Ask for your help! Please go online and learn more about Reservation Road. Feel free to click on these fan sites above, contribute to the blogs (at least the more modern ones), link to them, or tag whatever interests you about the movie or book. Or dispense with these lovely sites entirely, and just share anything about Reservation Road.

The SEW bloggers and writers are trying to push for *only* a few days, as a model for what happens over longer timeframes. We’ll report back on what succeeds and fails here.

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