Some Loose Connections — Dave Weinberger Featured Speaker at ClickZ Interactive Marketing Excellence Awards

This evening Dave Weinberger author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Institute for Internet and Society will be a featured speaker at the ClickZ Awards being held at Gotham Hall in New York City. I am seriously looking forward to this gala event and was struck by several coincidences — loose connections so to speak.

Dave Weinberger is very generous with his time and has been a regular attendee (as regular as a very busy schedule allows) at Harvard’s Berkman Thursday Blog Group. This group, which has been meeting for several years, gathers on Thursday evenings to discuss a wide range of blogging-related topics. I try to attend regularly, for the conversation is lively and thought-provoking.

In April 2006, I issued an invitation to attend the Thursday meeting during a speech on blogging at a conference in Boston. Taking me up on the invitation was fellow SES speaker Dixon Jones of Receptional in the UK. Dave Weinberger was in attendance and prompted a very stimulating conversation when he asked why he should give search optimizers any credibility whatsoever, given the premise that the search marketer was out to subvert the publics’ perception by manipulating search results. We gave him lots to consider, recapped nicely by Dixon.

Now here is the coincidence and some loose connections – Weinberger will be in New York at ClickZ, Watlington will be in NYC at ClickZ, and Dixon will be conducting a Link and Reputation Workshop for ClickZ’s sister event at SES @ a4uexpo in the UK.

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