The toughest decision marketers must make

Late last night I received an email from a marketer who needed help with the toughest decision in the industry: Who do you recommend to handle our search engine optimization and paid search marketing?

The marketer had a short list of candidates and specific needs.

It was great to hear from a reader who signed up for a webcast we’re doing, but frustrating that I couldn’t solve the problem immediately. The webcast won’t address the issue of agency selection.

Plus, at Search Engine Watch, we can’t recommend agencies, consultants, SEOs, or SEMs — even if the ClickZ and Search Engine Watch reporters and editors know a significant amount about their team; technology; strategies, clients, awards, and references.

Complete editorial independence and objectivity: that’s why I’m here.

If you think a series on agency selection would help marketers — and agencies — do their respective jobs better, let us know.

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