Yahoo Could Be Selling European Units

Seems Yahoo is unhappy with their European marketing efforts, the new head of Yahoo’s European business Toby Coppel told the Financial Times.

“Yahoo’s problems in Europe stemmed from a historical lack of focus on the region,” the report stated.

Coppel told “that Yahoo has not always used its most advanced technology in Europe’.

“In rushing out to market, we built a lot of applications that didn’t speak to each other,” Coppel t said. “We didn’t have the same resources. We were managing a larger number of legacy products with fewer people than in the States.”

If the European division does not increase market there is the possibility Yahoo will sell it off. Seems Yahoo did this a few years ago and then had to play catch up again. While agree that the portals need to be geared towards the various European countries to get more repeat visitors, they may need to purchase some of the small European engines to gain that boost. Similar to the purchase of Telerespondo which help improve the Latin market.

The other local engines would have local sales teams in place as well as current clients.

The new year could be an interesting time for the Yahoo International people.

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