Google Maps Add Collaboration Features, Terrain Maps

Google Maps has gained some more features from Google Earth this week, including the ability for a group to collaborate on map updates, and the addition of a terrain maps feature, according to the Google Lat Long Blog.

The collaborative map-making option lets multiple people edit the same My Map by clicking on the ‘Collaborate’ link and enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite. Users need to be signed into a Google Account that’s associated with that email address. Users can also allow anyone to edit a map.

Terrain maps focus on physical features such as mountains, valleys, and vegetation, with labels for even very small mountains and trails. They are enhanced with subtle shading that can often give a better sense of elevation changes than a satellite image alone, according to Google

As Duncan Riley notes on TechCrunch, these two features were among the remaining differences between Google Maps and Google Earth. Google has been moving more and more features into Google Maps since it acquired Keyhole Software in 2004 for its satellite imagery technology.

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