Yahoo Europe Gets New Hire, Facing Possible Closing

Though Yahoo Europe has been given until the end of the first quarter next year to improve their numbers or face closing, their new hire of Kristof Fahy – former brand manager for BlackBerry and telephone service provider Orange – shows they do not plan on going out without giving it a hard shot.

Fahy dealt with brand, planning and advertising for the mobile operator Orange’s UK business. Something Yahoo needs in Europe where they have a track record of abandoning products.

The growth of international search resurrected their interest in non-US countries and purchases of companies like Terespondo, the Latin search engine for Spain and South America.

Toby Coppel, the Yahoo! Europe managing director said recently “that poorly performing parts of the European business have until the end of the first quarter next year to improve or faced being closed down or sold,” the UK Guardian reported.

Though I have advocated Yahoo move to niched portals and communities – I think they should have these available in Europe and the other continents, not just the US. If they are serious about competing in the search world then any plans to drop countries being serviced is a major sign of surrender.

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